US stocks end with declines. Nasdaq and S&P close down on the week.

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Dow flat on the week

The US stocks are closing lower with the Nasdaq taking most of the heat. However, the major indices are well off the lows.  

  • The S&P fell -16.04 points ro -0.55% at 2885.58.  The low reached 2869.29. The high reached 2909.64
  • The Nasdaq fell -91 points or -1.16% at 7788.44. The low reached 7715.97. The high reached 7902.668
  • The Dow fell -180.43 points or -0.68% at 26447. The low reached 26301.81. The high reached 26676.

For the week, the S&P and Nasdaq fell. The Dow was near unchanged

  • S&P fell -0.97%
  • Nasdaq fell -3.21%
  • Dow fell buy only by -0.04%




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