US stocks are off and away. Still lower but moving toward unchanged

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It’ll be all over the place but a sharp fall is avoided

The US is not a disease are opening lower but it could have been much worse. A snapshot of the major indices are now showing:

  • S&P, -4.6 points or -0.19%
  • NASDAQ just move positive at +1.9 point or +0.02%
  • Dow is down -100 points or -0.41% at 25493

I would expect ups and downs in trading today.  For the Nasdaq the 200 day moving average comes in at 7498.59.  Yesterday that MA was broken for the 1st time since July 2016.  That level will be a key level for buyers and sellers. Stay below keeps the bears still in charge. A move above and some of the pressure is off.
US yields are still up on the day:




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