USDCHF holds near the 100 day MA twice today.

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Key level below. The 200 hour MA looms above

The USDCHF has moved reluctantly lower (relatively) with all the fireworks over the last 24 hours.  The fall was able to crack below the 200 hour (green line) currently at 0.98949 and a trend line.   The low stalled once and then twice right near the longer 100 day MA (blue overlay line at 0.98582). The low reached 0.98555.  That 100 day MA is a key barometer for both bulls and bears.  Stay above bullish. Move below and look for a run lower.  

On the topside, the 200 hour MA stalled the rally on the first corrective move.  That makes it the level to get and stay above on a more bullish run higher.  
So the lines are drawn for the bulls and the bears in the ups and downs in trading today.  Look for a break and run. It can be on either extreme. 
Stocks opening now.



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