European shares rip higher

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Big gains in European (US stock markets) today

The European shares have ripped higher as better earnings and stronger growth are negating the negatives from the trade and Brexit and future inflation stories.

  • German Dax rose 1.4%
  • France’s Cac rose 1.5%
  • UKs FTSE despite Brexit concerns rose 0.4%
  • Spain’s Ibex rose 1.7%
  • Italy’s FTSE MIB rose 2.23%
  • Portugal PSI20 rose 0.93%

In the 10 year note sector, yields are lower:

Meanwhile, US shares are racing higher as well with the:

  • Dow up 377 points or 1.49%
  • S&P up 41 points or 1.51%
  • The Nasdaq up 141 points or 1.91%

Yields in the US are up modestly:

In other markets:

  • Spot gold is up $1.12 or 0.09% at $1228.35
  • WTI crude oil is down -$0.15 or -0.20% at $71.63

In the forex, the NZD is the strongest of the major currencies. The JPY is the weakest. The USD is mixed, but mostly lower.  




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