Gold trading lower. Falls below 100 day MA in the process.

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Down about $4.90 currently.

The price of gold has been falling lower in trading today. The current price is down about -$4.90 or -0.41% at $1218. The low reached $1215.30. The high extended to $1223.64.

In the process of the decline, the price has move below its 100 day MA at 1219.76. Technically, that shifts the bias more to the downside/bearish.  Stay below the line, keeps the sellers more in control.  A move above, and the bias waters are muddy.  
Earlier in the month the price trading above and below the 100 day MA (blue line) as traders grappled with what to do next. The sometimes safe haven got a boost on some of the big down days and it looked poised to run higher. However, a steadying of the stock markets seem to have taken that «safe-haven» flows away again.  



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