GBP is the strongest while the CHF is the weakest.

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The USD is mixed

The GBP has squeezed higher and trades higher vs all the major currencies today. The CHF is the weakest as «risk on» fears disipate for today. Stocks are higher.  Bond yields WERE higher but the yields have come back to unchanged levels.  Gold it lower.  The global recession is off for now at least. The USD is mixed with gains and losses scattered amongst the pairs (dollar higher vs EUR, JPY, CHF and NZD and lower vs GBP, CAD, AUD)

The GBP pairs have the spikes in the ranges today. The other pairs vs. the USD are modest. The EURUSD is near the low for the day and has traded negative for most of the day and trading at the lowest level for the week. The pair is also back below the 1.1100-09 area (more bearish). 
 In othere markets, the snapshot is showing:

  • Spot gold is down -$12.20 or -0.81% at $1511.16
  • WTI crude oil is up $0.38 or 0.68% at $54.85

In the pre-market for US stocks, futures are implying a higher open with:

  • Dow up 237 points
  • S&P up 26.5 points
  • Nasdaq up 86 points

In the US debt market, yields are nearer unchanged levels (were up more earlier). The 10 year is up 0.8 bps at 1.535% after being as high as 1.569%

The benchmark 10 year yields in Europe are mixed with Germany and France lower and the rest shoing gains.   Spain yiellds got as low as 0.02%, just above the 0.0% level. 




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