Stocks close the session with solid gains. Erase more of the declines from this week

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Major indices close up 1.2% or better

The major US indices are closing with provisional gains of 1.2% or better.
The numbers are showing

  • The S&P index rose  41.12 points or 1.44% at 2888.71
  • The NASDAQ index rose 129.38 points or 1.67% at 7895.99
  • The Dow rose 306.62 points or 1.20% at 25886.01.

For the week, despite the solid gains today, the major indices are ending the week with losses (but it could have been worse).

  • The S&P index fell -1.03%
  • The NASDAQ index fell -0.79%
  • The Dow fell -1.53%

Below are the percentage changes (and high/low ranges) for the major US and European markets this day. 




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