An ugly day for US equities. Major indices down for the week.

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Dow falls over 600 points.  Nasdaq down -3.0%

It was an ugly day for the US equities. The Dow fell over 600 points. The Nasdaq is closing down -3%.  UGLY.
The escalation of the trade ward is to blame. Pres. Trump has threatened retaliation for the new China tariffs.  He also continued the criticism of the Fed’s Powell.  
The final numbers are showing:

  • The S&P fell -75.84 points or -2.59% at 2847.11
  • The Nasdaq fell -239.62 points or -3.00% at 7751.77
  • The Dow fell -623.34 points or -2.37% at 25628.90

Looking at the % ranges for the major indices below, the major indices in US and Europe all closed at or near the session lows today.

Looking at the point changes, the Dow was down -745 points at the lows.  

For the week, the major indices are ending the week in the red as well:

  • The S&P fell -1.43% 
  • The Nasdaq fell -1.83%
  • The Dow fell -0.99%.

Big losers today:

  • AMD, -7.4%
  • Broadcom, -5.39%
  • NVIDIA, -5.16%
  • Tesla, -4.84%
  • Qualcomm, -4.71%
  • Apple, -4.62%
  • Alibaba, -4.29%
  • Micron, -4.06%
  • Intel, -3.89%
  • American Express, -3.65%




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