USDJPY tumbles as Pres. Trump gets ready to see China’s tariffs and raise.

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Moves into swing area from earlier in the month 

As Pres. Trump seems to be getting ready to see China’s tariffs and raise, the USDJPY (and stocks) are gettting hammered.  You can add yields to the hammered equation, along with gold soaring.   

The USDJPY is then testing swing levels from August 12, August 13 was 14 and August 15. They come in at 105.58 to 105.69.  We are now breaking below those levels as I type.  
In other markets

  • spot gold is up $27 or 1.77% at $1525
  • WTI crude oil futures are down $1.65 or -3.0%
  • the NASDAQ composite index is tumbled 1.66% to 7860 (down -130 points)
  • The S&P index is down -41 points or -1.37% at 2882.97




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