CAD and AUD trade to new session highs vs. the USD

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USDCAD reaches a new low. AUDUSD reaches a new high

The USDCAD is reaching a new session high, and the AUDUSD is reaching a new low (so new highs vs the USD).

The USDCAD is moving further away from a swing area at 1.39645 to 1.39719.  That is now a close risk level for sellers. The 1.3945 and 1.3923 are swing level targets. The low from last week reached 1.3899.
For the AUDUSD, the price is making a play away from the 100 day MA at 0.65097 after holding that level on the last hourly bar.  The swing highs from last week at 0.65238, 0.6535 and 0.65609 are upside targets. 

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