Major indices run back to the upside in early New York trading

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Major indices open with strong gains

The major US stock indices are opening with strong gains as the buyers run the indices higher. The NASDAQ index is a leading the run with a 1.4% gain.

A snapshot of the indices a few minutes into the opening is showing:

  • S&P index +37 points or 1.27% at 2960
  • NASDAQ index up 126 points or 1.37% at 9312
  • Dow industrial average up 302 points or 1.24% at 24507

looking at the Dow stocks, Boeing is leading the way with a 3.16% gain followed by American Express at 2.77% and Bank of America 2.57%. Overall financials are doing better than the market. Deutsche Bank is up 4.46% as it tries to build of all-time lows. Citigroup is currently up 2.51% and J.P. Morgan is up 2.09%.
Other big gainers today include:

  • Beyond Meat, up 5.53%
  • United Airlines up 4.92%
  • Facebook continues to run higher and is up 3.7%
  • Twitter is up 4.32%
  • Broadcom is up 3.07%

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