NASDAQ index starts to eat into the gap from February

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Gap between 9322.87 and 9542.327

The NASDAQ index is trading up 185 points or 2.03% to  9371.91. In doing so, the price is starting to eat into the gap February 21 to February 24. That gap comes in between 9322.87 and 9542.327.   Holding above the low end of the gap would keep the bias positive for the NASDAQ. The all-time high price in February reached 9838.372.
  The closing level from December 31 was at 8972.60. Recall from last week the price moved above that level on Friday. The Monday opening Higher with continued that run to the upside today.

As the Nasdaq extends higher,the S&P index is also trading at high levels for the day and in the process as moved above its 100 day moving average at 2975.51. The high price has moved to 2978.98. We are just off those highs right now. 
The S&P index is still well below its 2019 closing level of 3230.78.  There is still a long way to go before the index reaches into positive territory for the year.

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